Department of Asset Management

Department of Asset Management
2021 Watson Street – 2nd Floor
Camden, NJ 08105
Telephone: (856) 968-2715
Fax: (856) 861-1275

Staff Listing

Mr. Malcom A. Isler, PHM/TCS
Director of Asset Management

Ms. Gloria Reyes
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Jasmine L. Kee
Housing Aide, Typist

Occupancy Division
Telephone: (856) 968-6137


Mrs. Katrina Weekley
Manager, Occupancy & Compliance
Telephone: (856) 602-4043

Fax: (856) 968-2736

Ms. Kaberia Fussell
Housing Specialist

Ms. Beverly Branch
Housing Aide, Typing

Our Goal

Some responsibilities of this department include:
• Rent Collection
• Annual Inspections
• Maintenance Repairs
• Resident Referrals
• Overall Resident Satisfaction
• Overall Site Management

The department has implemented new programs to provide more efficient and effective services of quality for all residents. For more information, please contact the management team of each development.

The Housing Authority of the City of Camden properties consists of ten developments, approximately 1555 units that serve over 3200 residents. 5 properties are managed by the Housing Authority of the City of Camden and the remaining 5 are managed by private management companies. Each development is day-to-day operations is oversee by the Housing Manager with the assistance of management and maintenance staff.

Also each development has its own Resident Association with a board consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-At-Arms with meetings held on a monthly basis.

Management Division

Management Division – Asset Management Properties
Wm. Stanley Ablett Village

Phone: (856) 968-6140
Property Manager: Mrs. Wanda Riley

Chelton Terrace Phase I
Phone: (856) 614-9521
Property Manager: Ms. Donna Ellis

Peter J. McGuire Gardens
Phone: (856) 968-6115
Property Manager: Ms. Virgen Ortiz

Mickle Tower
Phone: (856) 968-6134
Property Manager: Ms. Marilu Mendez

Kennedy Tower
Phone: (856) 968-6130
Property Manager: Ms. Marilu Mendez

Westfield Tower
Phone: (856) 968-6127
Property Manager: Ms. Marilu Mendez