Resident Initiatives

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Resident Initiatives Department:
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Our Goal

The primary goal of the staff of the Resident Initiatives Department is to provide the best possible services to the residents of the Housing Authority of the City of Camden; as well as to provide a comprehensive array of services to meet the overall needs of the residents of public housing and section 8 clients.

The Housing Authority of the City of Camden is committed to work in partnership with its residents to meet their needs and facilitate progress for the many families and individuals that live in public housing. The Resident Initiatives Department offers educational, cultural and recreational activities for our adults and youth through a creative resident curriculum program that challenges the intellect offer choices and reinforces ethnic and cultural pride.

The residents of the HACC are characterized by a set of complex problems that mirror those of society at large. Our job is to understand their needs and provide services; education and training that help them become more self-sufficient. The Housing Authority of the City of Camden has introduced a number of programs to empower our residents and improve the quality of life for our residents. At HACC, all of our programs emphasize the empowerment through personal growth.

Resident Initiatives Programs

Highlighted below are some of the exciting programs we currently offer:

The development and implementation of each of the programs that are provided was created and enhanced to respond to the lack of adequate services available for all the residents of the Authority. The services are delivered in a holistic one-step approach to meet the physical, educational, psychological and emotional needs of the residents. The success of this department is based on the motivation and active participation of the residents. By providing motivation, counseling and support systems, we create better opportunities and choices to move individuals further towards independence.

Social Services

The Residents of HACC are provided with quality and caring social services in a variety of areas. We assist with resident-to-resident difficulties, domestic matters, fires, counseling, utilities, emergency food needs, legal matters and many more.

A large number of our cases are referred out to other social service agencies that deal directly in the areas of the services needed. However, HACC staff resolves many of our cases. It is the goal of the Resident Initiatives staff to provide our residents with safe, secure, and sanitary living environments.

Senior Citizens/Homemaker Services Program

Our senior’s and disabled citizens have hands on social service daily, five days a week. They also have emergency social service contact 24 hours a day, all year round. The Homemaker Services Program in conjunction with the Camden County Office on Aging allows HACC staff to make home visits to the sick and shut-in residents at each site. The staff is well trained and on an average week, they service over 300 residents of HACC.

This program prevents the institutionalization of our elderly population. Staff determines the services that are needed due to the fact that there is no family member or other responsible caregiver available or capable of providing such services. Staff provides light or heavy housecleaning services such as laundry, dusting, meal preparation, washing floor, etc., Performance of routine errands, such as grocery shopping or purchasing prescribed medications can also be accommodated. Ongoing monitoring by staff is done to detect changes in client’s condition, and provide referral, if necessary, to establish a linkage with the appropriate agency.

Through the generosity of the Philabundance Organization of Philadelphia, PA, each week the Resident Initiatives Department receives two large truck shipments of quality foods to distribute to the Residents of HACC.