Dwayne Tucker
Interim Director of Finance

Housing Authority of the City of Camden
2021 Watson Street – 2nd Floor
Camden, NJ 08105
Telephone: (856) 614-9541
Fax: (856) 861-1156

General Manager of Accounting
Telephone: (856) 968-2760

Desiree Rock-Crawley
Accounts Receivable Specialist

Telephone: (856) 968-2731

Migdalia Sanchez
Accounts Payable Specialist
Telephone: (856) 968-2725

Judith Osorio-Allen
Financial Management Assistant 
Telephone: (856) 614-9527

Our Goal

The Finance Department’s main responsibility is to ensure financial compliance and continuity within the Authority and site based budgets. This entails budgets preparation, on-going review, modifications, reporting, and closing of books.

Financial Reports